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It occurred to me that while we have a forum board for people to post a link to their webcam, we don't have a post that includes current, updating images from our webcams.  Most likely, when a member comes to this forum to research information on setting a a weather webcam, they look to see what other people are using.  The problem is that one has to wade through a myriad of posts to see all the images that our webcams capture.  I'm hoping that we can make this topic a "sticky topic" so that we might help other members figure out what they want to try regarding the setup of a new webcam.

All I ask is that you only post image links to images that are regularly updated, preferably with a time-stamp on the image (but not required).   Also, include the type of webcam and software you are using to capture images, as well as if it is mounted inside or outside.  Full resolution images only please.

I have 4 Hikvision IP cameras (3 MP) that are mounted on the anemometer mast which is mounted on my roof.  I'm using IP Timelapse to capture the images every 15 seconds to create a time lapse movie, and to place the weather data on the image (from VWS). 

Update 4/23/14:  I have a Foscam FI8905.  It looks good so far (for the view that I have to work with).  Time will tell if it works consistently.  I upload with YAWCAM to the website every 30 seconds.  There is a night light behind the house (you can see the bottom of the power pole on the right edge of the picture) which helps night vision (IR turned off).  The camera is inside looking through a window and storm window.  I may try to move it outside in a couple of weeks.

Camera Type: Panasonic BB-HCM531A
Software: SebecTec IPTimelapse webcam
Mounted: inside
The view is S which isn't the best, early in the day.
I just started using SebeTec software, which works well for me, weather data overlay is from my WU feed.

I just recently copied an idea I saw here, put a shelve on top of my office window, put the camera in a small box, spray painted flat black.
It really should be outside.

Now to add a second cam.

Kudos to piconut for mounting on anemometer mask, I may try that in the spring.

3 cams for me. All DLink brand. Snowcam (DCS-942) used WD to capture and upload the image.
This one will become a hummingbird or bluebird cam in the spring.

Front and back cams use Webcam 7 to upload every 15 minutes and stream.

Frontcam (Hikivision DS-2CD2032-I HD PoE Camera) updated 9/2015

Backcam (DCS-942)

You'll see lots of snow on these all tomorrow  :grin:

Here is our first cam. Just a cheap bullet cam placed outside in 2004.

This is our Toshiba IK-WB21A ptz cam.



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