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Multiple FTP Uploads Ocurring
« on: March 04, 2024, 08:47:27 PM »
I thought it might be best to post this in the proper forum. As I stated in the scripting portion I have been getting a 530 error on my WD error logs and my updates stop uploading. I have noticed more than 4 FTP process building up so to say. That might account for the 530 warning error but I can't find anything wrong on my end. I'm still believing it's a hosting issue maybe latency but they say they have no problems and say they can't escalate the concern to a higher tech for some reason. Can anyone enlighten me as to why this problem is happening? The PC is on my network here fed by a Cisco switch which is fed by a Calix router that is part of the connection to my fiber connection. Possibly a bad router port, or a switch port? I'm stumped here as when I connect to my web server with Filezilla wirelessly I connect fine every time. This all started when I had to reboot my computer yesterday due to sluggish operation and low resources in general. GR3 was the first thing to show a 530 error when I restarted it and would load FTP to the server so I restarted the PC it resides on which is the same as the rest and the gr3 worked after that but the Weather Display FTP process started seeing this problem. I'm puzzled as to exactly what is happening as it has never happened before last night! This is happening on the real-time upload only currently I watched the regular FTP come up ,load and then close like it's supposed to

EDIT: I swapped all the active and passive equipment in the path except the PC. I also updated Weather Display and thought I had it licked but it messed up again and my site was showing the WD real-time data to be old. Didn't seem to be affecting the site but I like things to work as designed, and it did until just recently.   Kinda stumped as to any problems on my end.  Everything else works perfectly.  I have learned since yesterday that if I lower the speed of my realtime uploads the hosts FTP is happy. Hopefully this will hold out till I get switched. Question now is how and where do I change the check fetch time for the realtime ftp?
Thanks for any help!

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