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« on: December 22, 2020, 03:42:13 PM »
Just completed a brutal audit of streams... readying for the new year, and expected changes in internet protocols.
Deleted many same-provider NON-https streams where provider had also added a recent https stream.
Deleted several third party streams of doubtful quality or were duplicates of streams.
Deleted several DEAD streams (generally, a zero score on QRA for 14 days)

If your stream(s) were affected, please reconnect by adding your stream back through
the new protocols at .  If you are LOCALLY
providing an SSL stream, that's ok, but we would ask you to also duplicate to
if possible.  If you're being picked up through a third-party SSL provider, not our primary,
that will likely be removed during the coming months.
If you resubmit as a NON-HTTPS stream, it will be declinedUse WxRadio.Org!

Updated portal page
, and main stream master player....
...more to come there.

If you HAVE NOT converted, or added an HTTPS stream capability, you should do so.

Throughout the coming year, we will be phasing out sources that are NON-ssl...
and many third party stream hosts...