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Some clarification, a couple of questions first

What is your current WeatherlinkPC version?
What is your current weatherlink data file extension .??? Will be something like the format 2024-04.??? (YYYY-MM.???)
What data logger are you currently using? How old or what is the MFG code?
CoCoRaHS / Re: Number One!
« Last post by WheatonRon on Yesterday at 05:08:03 PM »
Time to buy a lottery ticket maybe? I just quickly scanned all the precipitation amounts for Florida in CoCoRaHS for April 12, and if you are FL-MR-18 you are correct! Sorry, as a retired auditor and CPA, I trust no one without verifying! Congratulations!
CoCoRaHS / Number One!
« Last post by ocala on Yesterday at 05:01:10 PM »
First time ever recording the most rain in Florida for Cocorahs.
My 2.57 beat out a guy down the road with 2.55. I have been close before but never number one.
Only a weather geek could understand.  :grin:
Hello Guys, I need a bit of advice please.

I’ve been running my original Wireless Vantage pro linked to the Weatherlink software on my computer for 22 years but things started to go wrong with the tipping bucket and the ISS is looking very tired, so I’ve bitten the bullet and have bought a new Wireless Vantage pro 2, a vantage pro 2 console (the recently discontinued one 6312UK, not the new smart one), a datalogger and Weatherlink software.

So, what I need to know is, what is the best procedure to follow when I change my old station (which is still operating) with the new one and also setting up the new Console and Weatherlink, how do I make sure that the data from my new station fits in seamlessly with my existing data (the last 22 years). I really don’t want to get this wrong.

This actually raises another query – can I use me existing Weatherlink software (already installed on my computer) or do I have to install the new Weatherlink software, thanks. 
Custom Website Templates / Re: Who's Online Script
« Last post by Forever on Yesterday at 04:17:26 PM »
I think that is just before they made the changes at Maxmind that broke the script. Someone would need to redo the script to accommodate the changes they made.
I think the original question of the OP was whether the combination HP2553 console + WS80 outdoor array + WH40 rain gauge (=HP2553 station) and a GW2000 is good to see the (real time ?) data via app and access data to process them externally.

Yes, a HP2553 station plus a GW2000 gateway/console or a GW1200 gateway/console would fulfill your needs - especially if you want to see real-time data via WS View Plus and not only the one-minute updates of the dashboard or the Ecowitt app.

see also

also read the text of the respective sensors: WS80, WH40, accessories (e.g. heater/external power supply - Nova Scotia might have rough winters)
I have the WS80 (HP2553) now for serval months. Thus far it has been a good unit. I was skeptical at first and now, it's my main squeeze per say.
I also have the HP2552 and still using it. This was my favorite for years and it's still going strong.

I have nothing to compare on either unit as far as wind. But I will say, the WS80 refresh rate is awesome.
If you go with the ws80 and live in cold climate, get the heater.

Let us know what you decided to go with.
1. If you tell us a bit more about your GW1100 .... e.g. firmware version
also, disconnected from what ? local network or internet or sensors ?
by what do you tell ?

2. this is a GW1200 thread - in order not to mix too many things - and later on difficult to find for other users, it's better to open a new thread.
Custom Website Templates / Re: Who's Online Script
« Last post by hcorrin on Yesterday at 03:57:12 PM »
i take it Forever this link   is no use to you then
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