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Unfortunately you are not alone in your discoveries.
You can read the entire thread and see how many of us have a varying experience at different rain rates

I am, at this time, not recommending this unit to anyone. We had high hopes when this appeared with the haptic technology, but not ready for prime time is unfortunately what I think, and probably others. I have not seen a post where someone has come out and said it works great and is accurate. The level of calibration required takes it out of the realm of simplicity.

Wh40 sensor or other tipping bucket (WH65) is still my go to and what I recommend to others. And frankly, I thought I could store a whole bunch of data and come up with decent calibration points , at least for me. I have abandoned that quest, just too much work and even when done, would be questionable on accuracy.

This is always the problem when one has multiple measuring devices, sensors, regardless of field. The individual with only one, is usually satisfied with accuracy, gets a 2nd one, then questions everything. We are a bit beyond that.
Thank you. Simple in hindsight. The logic of having some setup panels invoked by a menu and others by a settings button escaped me. Yet it was staring me right in the face!
CWOP Forum / Re: Servers to use
« Last post by ocala on Today at 12:39:41 PM »
Hey Wayne. How ya doing stranger.
Just checked your site and it is updating again.
Tech Corner / Re: How to accurately read temp and humidity in a bedroom
« Last post by ocala on Today at 12:31:34 PM »
The Davis VP2 console does have inside temperature and humidity.
If you go to this link it is the manual for the console. On page 50/51 it gives the specs for inside temp and humidity.
Chit-Chat / Re: Gas Prices
« Last post by ocala on Today at 12:19:20 PM »
Oklahoma may be the first state where gas has fallen below $3 a gallon. In Yukon, a west side suburb of OKC, gas is $2.97 at OnCue Express and $2.99 at 7/11. Maybe they are in a price war.

In Stillwater, the lowest price has dropped again, now $3.13 by the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market.  Second lowest is $3.15 at Murphy's, both E10. 7/11 is coming soon to Stillwater with a new station currently under construction.  Interestingly enough, its address will be 711 N. Main.
That's great to hear that gas is below $3.
Hopefully in time the rest of the country will be there.
I think the Tempest is better with temperatures under sunny conditions.
How is the temperature shield vs tempest?  I find the tempest to be top notch.
I have both instruments (and a Davis VP2).

Ambient 5000 has a shorter sampling window and is consistently higher... especially with gusty conditions.

The tempest measures rain, but not accurately, it at least tells you when it is raining.  Then they use an algo to correct it, guess from radar data and nearby weather stations.

But overall, it decent.
Chit-Chat / New Time Lapse from Lossatal, Germany!
« Last post by ajwhall on Today at 11:36:37 AM »
Hi to the Forum!

The next Cloud time lapse of May 2020, from Lossatal, Germany is available to watch.

It is an all Cumulus time lapse!

Cloud formation begins 21 seconds into the time lapse.

Most Kindest Regards,

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