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New Ecowitt Wittboy Pro vs Ambient Weather WS-5000


I'm working on getting my old Ambient Weather WS-2902B going while I sort this out. At least I'll have something going.
Now I'm wondering if the combination of the Ecowitt Wittboy Pro Weather Station HP2564 (the HP2560 display and the WS90 sensor) and the Ecowitt WN31 would be a good substitute for the Ambient Weather WS-5000. Going Ecowitt would be $135 less, and I'm not seeing anything missed in the way of capability. Am I missing something?

I can partially answer my own question after getting some sleep! Going back to the Ecowitt web site (seeing how they make both), I can directly compare the two packages. It turns out that the new Wittboy Pro Weather Station is actually $10 more expensive at the source than the Ambient Weather WS-5000, or as Ecowitt calls it, the HP2553. That at least suggests they are roughly comparable units.
The Wittboy Pro has no moving parts - as in none. They accomplished this by changing out the WH40 rain gauge which uses an internal tipping bucket with a haptic rain sensor. From what I have read, the haptic technology can be quite accurate. My verdict is out on Ecowitt's design, but it looks promising!
The console for the Wittboy Pro is the HP2560 which uses touch controls rather than the physical buttons of the HP2550. I do not know what any other differences there may be between the displays.
The HP2553 does include a WH32 indoor sensor whereas the Wittboy Pro does not. From other threads on here, that seems to be a good option to go with in order to get a more accurate indoor temperature, and it is not an expensive addition, only $16.
After all the research, I'm leaning towards the Wittboy Pro. It appears to be as accurate as the HP2553 and will be easier to set up with less maintenance. Anyone have other thoughts?

He recommends you such a set. The rain gauge in ws90 is not so accurate and can be used as a signal for the start of rainfall. Obligatorily for the wh32ep sensor acquire the Barani class Meteoshield Pro if you want reliable temperature measurement on heavily solar days.


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