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In the instance of using a GW2000 and a WH40, you would configure the GW2000 gateway to send the data to weather services like and Wunderground at set intervals.  Others are available although I have not used any beyond (and for my Ambient Weather equipment).  There may be limits on how frequent the services accept data and on how much data they store.  You can access your data via their API:

Unfortunately it doesn't look like you can see any of the public weather stations without registering for an account.  If you did register, you can look at the map and see what the dashboards look like.

If you're wanting to look at the data, log/store it locally, and graph it, you can use something like WeeWX or even create your own logging and database system.  There are other options, too, I'm just personally not familiar with their capabilities.

I've just registered to the website and reviewing the local stations on the Weathermap this looks exactly what i need! Thanks for your help.

Sorry just another quick question.

Is the rain gauge included in the Ecowitt WS69 the same as the WH40 tipping bucket rain gauge?

The rain gauge on the WS69 sensor array is not the same as the standalone WH40.  They are both tipping buckets but the WS69 is smaller in diameter and therefore has a steeper slope in the funnel as compared with the WH40.  The flatness of the WH40 funnel can result in rain splashing out and not getting measured so that's the reason for the experimental extension ("heightening block").  Note that the extension requires the bird spike kit which I recommend to guard against birds sitting on the funnel anyway.

I have an Ambient Weather array which is similar to the WS69 and am happy with the accuracy but I'm not a meteorologist.  One advantage of the WS69 is the solar panel which means you may be able to go for years without replacing the backup batteries.

Thanks, it sounds like its probably worth going for the WS69 with the bird spikes then i can just get rid of my Netamo kit entirely.

That said if the WH40 is a larger bucket perhaps that would be better for more accurate rainfall measuring. Is the addon part of the bird spike or another addition that attaches to that part?


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