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Hi, Im particularly interested in logging rainfall intensity and duration and currently have the Netamo rain gauge. Unfortunately the Netatmo gauge only saves the readings in the app in 30 minute increments.

So I'm really looking for a rain gauge that takes a reading every minute, and logs that somewhere online. Can you recommend anything?

Do most of the weather stations utilise Wunderground to save the readings or do the hardware manufacturers have their own app or servers?

Im in the UK. Thanks.

Meteorology fan:
Take a look at this rain gauge and such a set:

Thanks for the reply. It looks the sort of thing i was after but the spec suggests it logs the rainfall every hour, I ideally need every 1 or 2 minutes (or at worse every 5 minutes).

The WH40 rain sensor reports to the GW2000 gateway every 49 seconds.  The granularity of the data you view depends on what app or service you send the data to.  The Ecowitt WSView+ app will show the most current data if you're on the same WiFi network as the gateway and if you use the free service along with the Ecowitt app, it will show you probably very close to the current data (within a minute or so) no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection.

Thanks, that sounds ideal.

Where is the information logged? Because Im interested in rainfall duration and intensity i would need download the data to enable me to form some graphs. This data would ideally be stored in 1 minute increments.

I've tried to take a look at the output, but cannot find an example.

As a side note, where people connect their stations to Wunderground, does Wundaground save the data on their own servers by pinging the station at a set interval?


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