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Campbell Scientific WxPRO Offered To Me

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--- Quote from: GHammer on April 22, 2023, 07:00:16 AM ---Thanks, that's what I needed to know. I'll have to ask, but I think it will be a cell connection as this was part of a cancelled wind farm install. They went with more capable equipment I'm told. Hopefully it would be not too costly to change to RF or WiFi.

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Of course.

If the data logger has cellular communications, there unfortunately won't be much you can do. The CR300 has wireless communications integrated within the logger itself, so changing the communication type is not possible. With that said, you can still add wifi connectivity through external means, or communicate directly via physical cable. The NL241 is around $400 USD, which is CSI's wireless network interface. Using PC400 or LoggerNet you can communicate to the data logger remotely. While PC400 is free, the caveat here is that there is no automated data collection. This feature is only in LoggerNet.


I think I recall what kind of box you're talking about, did it have a cloud logo on it? Was the data logger in the box funky looking? I can't recall what it was named - I'll have to get back to you on that one but I do remember looking through the documents you are talking about if we are referencing the same thing. Should be simple programming in Edlog.

The unit in the tripod will be latest generation data logging equipment with CRBasic like your CR3000. A little envious of you, I've only managed to get a couple CR23X/CR10Xs which have worked just fine lately. Grown quite fond of the older loggers but can't wait to make the jump forward.

--- Quote from: CW2274 on April 22, 2023, 12:25:07 AM ---BushPilot, I just saw this pic of yours and wanted to share how cool I thought it was seeing the rain freeze outwards from the spinning blades. Nice catch!  =D&gt;

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Thanks haha, that was on my station mast a few years ago. Weather service was calling for ice and I had just seen anemometers from Mt. Washington pulled down with ice spikes from the helicoids several inches in length online. Figured I needed to get pictures of the rarity.

Well, that's quite a bit to digest.
This is what I understand from the replies.

If the logger is cellular, I'm going to be kinda out of luck getting RF or WiFi. It won't be cabled as I have no entry point available. Just ask my wife...
The Free option is not automated data collection, which I read as no realtime data.
It sounds like a new/used CR300 would be prohibitively expensive.

Could I take the unit just for components? Yes, I could. Then what?

The person offering it to me has another guy who's interested and I will let it go.
Too bad, this was bought for R&D purposes and after installing it, they pulled the plug on the idea and went with permanent mount equipment. In other words, less than a week out of the box.

I was foolishly hoping that it would be a doable 'replacement' for my existing PWS. Alas, it will quickly get out of my budget and knowledge level.

I will keep at my slow but steady LoRaWAN PWS project.

Thanks for all the info TheBushPilot and DaleReid

It is tough to see commercial quality stuff not get used but perhaps the other interested party will make good use of it.

My comment about the sensor array being useful is that things like a different logger (and the often are on eBay for a fraction of what newer ones cost, just not always there when you want one) and depends upon the possibility of having a spot to store it until you get all you need to make it work) (my wife is starting to draw the line).

I just hope something that bulletproof and good goes to a good home and receives the love it deserves.

Pilot:  I have collected stuff for over a decade, mostly from  eBay when someone has overlooked it, and on a few occasions from a few somewhat local sources but where I live is far from the hotbed of this kind of equipment.

The CR3000s have been a lucky find, with others coming and going at far more than I was lucky enough to snab one for.  Once in my hands, though, I did jump  in and start playing with it and was amazed at how much it could do in short order without learning their Basic program, just using QuickStart or whatever it is called. 

I keep looking for a CR1000 to come up that someone else hasn't got their eye on and grabs at a higher price than I can afford.  Since I don't drink, smoke or carouse, I have a little budget for my hobby once in awhile and have to admit many of my acquisitions have been dumb luck.

I'll go look at the Camp Sci weather box which is sitting in the cold shed right now (spring seems to be hard to come by for the last two weeks after our heat wave) but I think it is a Met Wx station or some such and yes there was, I think, a stylized cloud on the front of the box.



Yes! I only know what that is because I saw a listing on eBay back in December for an enclosure for one of those stations. It's a METDATA1. Used the CR10X module to that weird bottom mounted plate. It's probably a dead end for you since it requires those proprietary connectors without pinout documentation. With that being said - if you get a hold of any CR10X wiring panel, the module should plug-n-play without issue. Or so I presume... Looking in ShortCut, seems very close-ended in terms of customizability. But I can only assume it automatically configures the Edlog program to function like any other Edlog data logger. So good news is if you ever come across just the panel, you can potentially snag a new (old) logger.

They absolutely are customizable, CRBasic is just a derivative of Basic which I assume you already know is extremely versatile.

With that said, you have a CR3000, why acquire a CR1000 also? In my opinion a 3000 would be more than enough for me personally. Though I don't know your setup or aspirations - that's all you. Heck even the Kentucky Mesonet uses the CR3000s. :lol:

I'm not sure if you have any older Edlog data loggers, but I would be more than happy to help you learn the programming language on them if you'd like, if you don't know already. Or anyone for that matter, the invitation extends to all parties.

And GHammer - absolute best of luck with everything.



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