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[Europe] Simple noob setup with potential for future upgrades


Hi all,

TL:DR - I'm looking to setup a simple indoor & outdoor temperature, humidity and CO2 monitoring setup.

I started out just looking for an indoor temperature, humidity & CO2 monitor and also a outdoor temperature & humidity sensor to use in my apartment and on my balcony. I quickly discovered the Netatmo products which would do everything that I want (incl. CO2 sensor), but after doing some research it seems that these aren't the most reliable devices and don't allow for too much in the lines of future upgrades / additions to the system. Also, from what I quickly read you don't have access to all of the data.

After reading some more comments it seems that Ecowitt is one of the most mentioned brands and their products are available on their Amazon store which is great.

So as mentioned, initially I'm wanting to monitor the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity of my apartment and in addition I also want to monitor the CO2 levels indoors. I'd also like to be able to place a few sensors indoors in the different rooms and then have all the data reported in a single app / dashboard.

The above are my needs for now, but would be great to buy into a system that I can later on expand (perhaps with more outdoor weather capabilities, additional indoor sensors, API .. no idea)

So for now I'm thinking:

* 1x GW1100 or GW2000 - from what I can tell the only difference is that the GW2000 has a RJ45?
* 1x WH45 - to monitor CO2 levels
* 1x WH31 or WH32 - for outdoor temperature monitoring
So with this setup I have a few questions:

* How is the Ecowitt app & web interface?
* Can alerts be setup with my above setup? Such as a certain level of CO2 or humidity etc?
* It seems that I can only connect 1x WH45 to a GW1100 / GW2000 - how could I add more WH45's? Do I need / can I add another gateway?
* What is the difference between the GW1100 and GW2000?
* Is there an alternative way that I can add CO2 monitoring?
* Are there any downsides starting with a smaller setup as above and adding an outdoor sensor array later?
* With the console displays, are they customizable in what info is displayed, layout etc?
* How can I get access to my data? Are the only options uploading it to a site such as Wunderground, EcoWitt etc? I saw somewhere someone mentioned logging the data to a Raspberry Pi? Do any of the compatible websites allow data access via API?
Thanks advance for the help on the noob questions!


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