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First thank you all for the support that is provided on the forum.
I am running WH40 on ecowitt2000 gateway using the driver from here My rain rate on weather underground seems to be calculated over an hour vs the instant rate that is reported when testing the driver. The rain rate is displayed correctly when I test the driver but weather underground seems to calculate it differently shows very low precip rates.

--- Code: ---Interrogating GW2000 at

2023-04-05 11:41:09 CDT (1680712869): 'dateTime': '1680712869', 'daymaxwind': '14.0', 'dayRain': '3.5', 'inHumidity': '57', 'inTemp': '24.6', 'luminosity': '410.0', 'monthRain': '13.8', 'outHumidity': '90', 'outTemp': '21.5', 'pressure': '1005.5', 'rain': 'None', 'rainRate': '4.2', 'relbarometer': '1013.0', 'stormRain': '13.2', 'usUnits': '17', 'UV': '0', 'uvradiation': '0.0', 'weekRain': '13.8', 'wh40_batt': '1.45', 'wh40_sig': '4', 'windDir': '212', 'windGust': '5.7', 'windSpeed': '3.3', 'ws80_batt': '3.28', 'ws80_sig': '4', 'yearRain': '532.3'

--- End code ---
Any help would be greatly appreciated


Wunderground calculates it's own rainfall rate which as it is calculated from the uploaded total is often nothing like what the station reports.

Thanks for the reply, but if I use ecowitt gateway, I get correct graphs so there must be some configuration on my part that I am missing. The rain rate that weewx calculates on the web page that it generates is correct only the stupid weather underground is wrong.

I would use ecowitt to upload to weather underground but I can do rapidfire updates with weewx. WS80 gives me most of the data under 5 seconds and I can use the weewx to poll the api every 5 seconds. With the storm season we have had in the south US, rapid wind updates are nice to look at without using wsview plus.
Expecting something like this
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Getting this with weewx
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Ecowitt2000 gateway can and should talk to WU directly. There is 0 need to complicate it all by adding weewix to the mix.

Thanks for your input BaseLine but unitl ecowitt implements 5 second rapidfire mode for wunderground, weewx or something similar is necessary.

For others with the same issue as me that use weewx in rapidfire mode for wunderground etc, weewx is calculating the hourly rain rate which is mathematically correct but not what I wanted.

I modified the file and changed the hourly rain rate time period to 600seconds instead of 3600 seconds and multiplied the result by 6 and the graphs look exactly like ecowitt now.

Thanks for all that took the time to answer.


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