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(Resolved) Why cant weewx calcualte the difference between inTemp and outTemp?

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Try the following command, all on one line.  I've attached my output...

$ echo "select usUnits,datetime(dateTime,'unixepoch','localtime'),dateTime,inTemp,outTemp,inTemp-outTemp
from archive order by rowid desc limit 5;" | sqlite3 /home/weewx/archive/weewx.sdb

1|2023-03-05 10:45:00|1678041900|73.0|43.3|29.7
1|2023-03-05 10:40:00|1678041600|73.0|44.3|28.7
1|2023-03-05 10:35:00|1678041300|73.1|44.5|28.6
1|2023-03-05 10:30:00|1678041000|73.3|44.2|29.1
1|2023-03-05 10:25:00|1678040700|73.5|43.9|29.6

If you see a '1' in the first column, you are using US units.  A 16 or 17 there is metric with the only difference being which units wind speed is in.

It seems that data is written in F's. 

Fix was simple: divide the result by 1.8

BTW, is F WS90's default? Can this be changed somehow on WS90 side?

(Silly US units in a product sold internationally... LOL)

Among my weather stations I have some Ecowitt gateway.
Data are trasmitted from sensors in SI units or derived.
If you pull data using GW1000 API they are in SI.
But Wunderground protocol and Ecowitt protocol for uploading use USA units.

I use GW2000 and units are set to C etc.
I guess it's weewex that converts it to 3 grains of barley, frogs farts and slaty water units. Strange, because when I did the first install, I set it to metric.

If you use the plugin that fetch data from the GW2000 (like the app do), they are in SI but if you use the Ecowitt protocol data are transmitted in USA units also if your GW2000 is set in SI. Unfortunately the protocol use only USA units.


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