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Is that Cumulus or Cumulus MX? You should be able to run lots of copies, just make sure the option to prevent multiple instances in program settings is disabled, and you use a different port parameter for each instance.


--- Quote ---However, it appears that I can only create two instances of the software. Every attempt to add a third station has failed -- the software just doesn't run if two other instances are open.
--- End quote ---
I continuously run 3 instances and have run up to 5 at the same time on the same PC, just use a different :port number when starting each instances.

Just to check:
Each instance of CumulusMX is in its own folder, like C:\CumulusMX C:\CumulusMX2 etc.?
You start the first instance as CumulusMX.exe as Administrator or from a shortcut?
You start the second instance from [Run] C:\CumulusMX2\CumulusMX.exe -port 8997 or a shortcut with that?
You start the third instance from [Run] C:\CumulusMX3\CumulusMX.exe -port 8996 or a shortcut with that? 

Can you check the CumulusMX\Mxdiags file where it didn't run and see what is logged?

p.s. I see Mark posted before I did but presume you had the settings correct as you were able to run 2.



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