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Just as an FYI, I bought a new stratus tube only, as I scratched the inside of my other trying to clean the inside, which wasn't difficult to do.  :mad:  So, I thought I'd compare the two older ones I have against this newer one for accuracy. My two older ones with the meniscus at exactly 1" is 200 grams of water, which is as it should be with a four-inch catch. The new one, 204 grams, yes nothing earth-shattering, but certainly out of spec. The numerals were also slightly different looking as well compared to the older two. Am I trying to say knockoff, perhaps, but who knows. My two older ones I bought directly from Productive Alternatives, the OEM in MN, this new one from RainmanWeather. I'll be returning it and going back to the OEM.   

I ordered another tube directly from Productive Alternatives and will obviously check. I question RainmanWeather on where their parts come from, and here's the reply...

Hello, to confirm all of our gauges and spare parts come directly from Productive Alternatives. Thank you for the clear explanation of the issue, I will forward your concerns to them and let you know of any replies. I will also inspect our stock to see if there is any difference noted between spares and also those included in complete gauges, will let you know the outcome of the audit.

Please let me know if I can be of any additional assistance.

Thank you,

Robert Ingham
14286 Beach Blvd.
Suite 19 #213
Jacksonville, FL 32250

Mods, if you want to move this to the Coco thread, have at it. Probably should have put it there in the first place.  #-o

I thought the conversion rate was 201 grams to an inch of water? I generally weigh the water in the 4 tube not including the inner tube and report that to CoCo. I have two 4 inch stratus gauges and the outer tube weighs slightly different between the two. Statistically insignificant in my view.

I suppose 201 is acceptable. All I know is my two older ones are identical, the new one 2% different. Their stated accuracy is 1%. Like I said, nothing earth-shattering, but outta spec is outta spec. Evidently, RainmanWether sees it as a problem as well. Whether anything comes from it....

I complained about the slot in the inner measuring tube not agreeing with the 1" marking due to surface tension. The point that it drains at is higher than the 1" mark. I deliberately displace some water by shaking or whatever to get it into the outer cylinder then measure it on the scale, say 0.96", then use that to subtract from the accumulated total found in the outer cylinder.

What are you using to determine 1 Inch? The overflow or the 1.00" marking on the scale?

I didn't get much of a response from the supplier about this, and CoCoRaHS can't seem to be able to do much about it.

I think that the drainage slot needs to be revamped to eliminate this difference between overflow and exactly 1". Meanwhile, I'll just stick to my current method.

To answer the question, I have used 201 g for years and continue to do so. Although, I have to admit that I have not repeated this evaluation.

Greg H.


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