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Virtual VP and Weatherlink 6.0.5



I would like to close this subject -> Weatherlink 6.0.5 isn't working with Virtual VP


It works!
I have WeatherLink 6.0.5 and Virtual VP 1.2.5 and a Davis VP2 console with firmware 3.88 and it works fine.
If you have any questions, I can write how to do it.

I would also be interested in how you did it at well.


The configuration I'm using:

- Davis console with software 3.88;
- USB logger from Davis;
- Virtual VP 1.2.5 registered with a key available on the forum;
- com0com to create virtual COM ports;
- Cumulus 1.9.4;
- CumlusMX 3.23.1;
- Weatherlink 6.0.5.

In general, setting up com0com and VVP is quite simple. There are many tips on the forum, so I will not write it. I will post some pictures with my setup. But the most important is WL 6.0.5.

After many configuration attempts, this path worked:

- run WL and connect directly via COM port to the USB datalogger;
- Setup -> WeatherLink Network - enter your ID and key available on your weatherlink account;
- Go back to Setup -> Communications Ports and set as in the picture (WLL.png);
- In addition, I have Vantage Bulletin open in the main window all the time. I noticed that when it's enabled, everything updates. I know it's weird, but it works for me.

It only works for me in this configuration. Any other option resulted in not updating.

I've noticed that uploading to is a bit sluggish. Sometimes it doesn't update every 1 minute. Additional sensors have just been added to the display this morning.
As I mentioned, the above configuration causes the data to be sent to the weatherlink servers and updated. Here live view - Jejkowice Weatherlink.

Garth Bock:
If you just want to set up WeatherLink as a stand alone program without it sending to are step by step instructions. Currently my VVPro is servicing WeatherlInk 6.0.5, Weather Display, Virtual Weather Station, Add In Weather, Cumulus and WxSolutions. I had an old copy of Weatherview 32 running but after a Windows Update it quit working.

One thing my document didn't mention was as you add new software to VVPro you must click on DISCONNECT, go into the comm settings, add the name of the software and note its comport, then click OK. Close out VVPro and VPSE and restart each one. Then start up the weather software and set up the low number of the paired comports.

Also be sure under VVPro's communication setting you check Autoconnect at Startup.


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