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Weatherlink API v1 server error #12

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Hi, does anyone have any answers to this, please?

Server error! #12

My details were copied and pasted so there is no chance of them being incorrect, plus, its an invalid request if the user details are incorrect, the token on the other produces error #12 when i change some of the characters as a test, so it could very well be a token issue but that too was copied and pasted, i mean, who in their right mind would type all that in lol actually, i am gonna try that now, 2 seconds...... damn it didn't work, same error :(

Don't know what that particular error relates to, but are you trying to access WLL data at via the v1 API? That won't work AFAIK - you need to use the v2 API for WLL (and EM stations).

I was just following the link examples front he email it sent when I setup v1


--- Quote from: Bashy on October 05, 2021, 05:08:14 AM ---I was just following the link examples front he email it sent when I setup v1

--- End quote ---
Hi Martin,

That is version one API:
That one is used for a Davis IP-logger or upload  by weatherlink.exe to
That xml has  a lot of other goodies for weather-websites, such as high-lows.

v2 API is needed for WLL devices, totally different data, f.i. a lot of detailed rain-measurements.
But no high-lows for other weather-items such as temperature.

When you have multiple items in your station, you can check / find the correct data and station-number for your devices at


But accessing what type of station? v1 API is for legacy loggers etc and not WLL. v2 is more complicated but can do a lot more. I have some notes online at and of course the primary API reference is at .


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