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Universal wants to remake Twister!!!!!!!!!!! No, I say. NO.

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This was a Cow-nado and a Tractor-nado film.  No sharks allowed, they have their own niche films.

Actually, while that was bad enough, the equivalent of anthropomorphism for weather events with the 'growling' storm and the ominous shifts in wind and other predatory characteristics was a bit too much, especially when I live in tornado country and we have older people absolutely terrified as it is with the season having local TV stations do the beep-beep-beep and the text crawls along the bottom of the screen.

To think there is something sinister about a storm beyond what it already is, is wrong.

I was hoping to have the growling storm be my ringtone but my wife told me to stuff it.


--- Quote from: Notsorusty on June 25, 2020, 04:53:24 PM ---They should remake it but maybe change it up a bit, like have some sharks flying in the tornado.

 :grin: :grin: :grin:

--- End quote ---
That'd be more realistic than the ridiculous growling sounds the tornadoes made in the first one... :roll:


--- Quote from: DaleReid on June 25, 2020, 05:46:08 PM ---I was hoping to have the growling storm be my ringtone but my wife told me to stuff it.

--- End quote ---
The wife told me in the theater to shut up about it.  ](*,)

It is perfectly reasonable to express concern about how far known violations of nature and physics can be stretched.  I enjoy some movies and have a willful suspension of disbelief, but at a time when something is absolutely wrong and done only because it is easier for the lazy screenwriter,  or some additional things that may seem 'cool' to some but ruins any possible buy in by a reasonably educated or skeptical person.

Yet, the wife denies others access to my (sometimes unsolicited) expertise in many occasions.

Natural disaster movies are about destruction. Not science. We all know that.

Into the storm. yuck
Day after tomorrow-Oh my.
San Andreas-nothing in that movie is correct-NOTHING

Twister has it all. Tornados, ram trucks, Iowa.


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