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Universal wants to remake Twister!!!!!!!!!!! No, I say. NO.

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"Twister has it all. Tornados, ram trucks, Iowa."

And lots of sharp knives, sickles, scythes, and pitch forks as I recall.  :-)

But we all know farmers never throw anything away.

Garth Bock:

--- Quote ---This was a Cow-nado
--- End quote ---

The part of the cow will have to be recast because the original cow after touring several counties retired suddenly and was never seen again. 🤣

Only if it has Chubby Checkers singing "Let's do the twist."

Garth Bock:
You know the WOKE version will be awful.....just to be totally inclusive the movie will also have an earthquake, a tsunami, and a landslide. No snowstorm will be added because the Woke crowd will be offended with the snow being a symbol of white supremacy.... :grin: :grin: :grin:


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