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Keep using The Old SmartHub! Kevin has a release version of His Software!

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i tried to attach some screenshots, but the site is not letting me post pictures for some reason. I tried emailing Kevin 4 days ago, and haven't heard back yet.

I don't think his program was ever updated to handle the DNS change to

In a nutshell, the host name that data used to be sent to now resolves to, which would be the SmartHUB itself. 

To make things work again, you need to have a local DNS resolve the name to minimal web server to keep it happy.

Thanks nincehesler. I think i know what you're getting at, but is this something i can do myself? Where do i even start with this?

It should be possible.  In general, you need to make a local DNS entry for to some local machine on which you have a web server.

If you have a Linux machine that you can use for DNS, dnsmasq is a popular choice.  I don't know what would be a good choice if you have to use Windows.

However, if you have Linux available, it might be easier to use Acuparse in the first place.  It's very well supported.


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