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End Of Service For Acurite Hub

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here are the weewx-related links:

for weewx itself, see the weewx web site.  the drivers folder contains, which has everything we know about the acurite protocols over USB (some of that translates to the protocols uses by the acurite bridge / smarthub):

the weewx-interceptor is an extension to weewx that will capture traffic from many types of weather stations that are only 'cloud' based, and the acurite bridge / smarthub / access are included.  this driver operates in one of two modes.  as a sniffer, it will simply pick off the data as the smarthub talks to the acurite servers.  as a listener, it will pretend to be an acurite server.  the readme has details about how to do all kinds of different network configurations.  see the Acurite Bridge comments at the beginning, then the AcuriteBridge class in the code for the actual implementation:

the weewx-sdr is an extension to weewx that will get data from SDR USB dongles using rtl_433 and rtl-sdr.  the readme has complete details about how to capture data from acurite hardware and from many other types of hardware.

it is all GPL3.  many thanks to all of those who have contributed.  isn't is nice to have options?



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