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Need help setting up Virtual VP coms

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Try pointing it to the 'real' IP address on your system (192.168.1.nnn) instead of localhost/  Use the CMD prompt and ipconfig command to show what your local IP address is, and preferably set your router to use that same address in the DHCP clients table.  I do that with multiple systems and have a VP1->virtualVP on one system->VirtualVP on a second system so I can run a bunch of weather software varieties (for testing with the templates).

Same issue, Virtual VP says Weather Display is listening on port 5511, but it never connects. It seems like WD is trying to connect on the COM port even if I set it to listen on TCP/IP. If I exit WD and come back in, the TCP/IP setting is not saved. Not sure what is going on.

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I don't think that's the place to set up that connection.  That panel will allow WD itself to offer a TCP/IP connection to something else (like WeatherLink).

What you want is to do the WD, Control Panel, ComPorts, TCP/IP panel (shown below) to connect your WD to VVP.

Ok, so I went into that panel and set it to match Virtual VP and then restarted both. Nothing happened until I restarted the virtual console, once I did that it connected and is getting data. Thanks for the help!


Has anyone else tried VP1.2.5  with the new firmware and had success?
Also does firmware 1.90 still work with Virtual VP.


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