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Need help setting up Virtual VP coms

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Tazz 316:

--- Quote from: waiukuweather on January 01, 2018, 02:18:32 PM ---that is all normal

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ok was just making sure. We will see how long this works! I have weather display, weather link, Cumulus going. Thanks for your help.


Tazz 316:
Well it worked for a while like it should but stopped last night. Re-starting Virtual VP and WD, Weather link and cumulus and it's working again. They all had to be re-started before it would work again. The only error i see is something about a output buffer to small for block.

Also in activity log i get a warring "weather display socket error Socket descriptor is (1) not a socket, or (2) is of wrong type (10038)"

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IIRC there are new "LOOP commands" with the firmware 3.0 and above that VVP doesn't understand.  So what will happen is a new command is sent out from the software, but VVP doesn't relay them to the hardware.  Things will eventually just lock up.  Restarting is just a short term fix.  VVP won't work on the newer firmware.

only certain software sends that new LOOP2 command though


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