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As some threads here deal with unsatisfactory support experiences, I would like to drop a few lines on this.

1) The forum where I am checking for support requests (at least every few days) is
I also read in this forum when time allows, but intervals are longer.

2) When you have trouble with a Meteobridge PRO, please use the corresponding section in the forum mentioned before or write an email to "".

As with every support request on earth, just telling something does not work as expected gives little ideas to me, what might go wrong. So please provide details.
Meteobridges are very powerful devices with large flexibility. As a downside, when you go deep enough, you will find something that is a bug or you think it is a bug as you might have had a different expectation of the feature. This is all very normal business and by that the product gets better and better over time. This needs you to report bugs and me to solve them, perfect symbiosis :-)

There are situations, when I am so much into something, that speed of reply might delay a few days. I am sorry for that, but I cannot avoid this. For example, the last weeks I was on spotting a bug where the whole upload services stalled on a very few systems after a while. I took this very seriously as Meteobridges must be reliable in that area. With Version 2.9 this is solved, but it took 3 weeks to come up with the right solution. I gave that top priority and other support request did queue up a bit. Another example are server outages, DOS attacks, etc, which also need my immediate focus as all users out there are impacted. This is not to give lame excuses, but to give some understanding, that bug reports cannot always be handled immediately.

However, using 1) or 2) gives you a channel where I look frequently and by that no report should be overlooked.


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