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I'll go further & add another set of favo(u)rites; I may be shouting at the wind but I like books! Maybe this will turn up in a web search somewhere & be useful to someone.

Encyclopedia of Climate & Weather, 2-Volume Set
Author: Schneider, Stephen H.
year: April-25-96
Pages: 459
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0195094859

Usually seen at the library, but I saw a set used cheap. Good outhouse reading, short articles on broad range.

Great Lakes climatological atlas/Atlas climatologique des Grands Lacs
Author: Saulesleja, Andrej
Place: Ottawa, Ontario
Publisher: Canadian Govt. Pub. Centre
year: 1986
Pages: 145

Another I had checked out of the college library constantly; esp. useful maps.

The climate of the Great Lakes basin: Climatological Studies No. 20
Author: Phillips, David W.; McCulloch, J.A.W.
year: 1972
Pages: 40
Publisher: Environment Canada
Place: Toronto, Ontario
Climatological Studies (Environment Canada)

Similar topic to above, more descriptive text. Dr. Phillips is still working for Environment Canada - I hear him on CBC radio now & then describing some climatic event or another.

The climates of Canada
Author: Phillips, David W.
year: 1990
Pages: 176
Publisher: Minister of Supply and Services Canada
Place: Ottawa, Ontario
ISBN: 0660134594
LOC Cat #: 91107647
LC Call #: QC 985 P54 1990
DDC: 551.6971

As title. Good descriptions & reasons for Canada/northern climate types.

The ice storm - An Historic Record in Photographs of January 1998
Author: Abley, Mark
year: 1998
Pages: 192
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Place: Toronto, Ontario
ISBN: 0771061005
LOC Cat #: 99161271
LC Call #: QC926.45 .C2 A25 1998
DDC: 363.34/926

This was a famous & dramatic late 90s event including in the NE US. Since I get more Canadian news than US, sometimes lived or studied there, I knew about & got this book! Great photos, incl. the famous crinkled lines of high-energy transmission lines.

Stories from the Ice Storm
Author: Abley, Mark
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
year: November-06-99
Pages: 360
ISBN: 0771006535

As title; as above ref. Fewer pix, more info.

Canada's cold environments
Author: French, Hugh M. (Editor)
Publish year: 1993
Pages: 340
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal & Kingston
Pub. Place: Montreal QC & Kingston ON
ISBN: 0773509259
LOC Cat #: 94162612
LC Call #: GB648.15 .C34 1993
DDC: 551

I'll add the book description:
Low temperatures, wind-chill, snow, sea ice, and permafrost have been primary characteristics of Canada's northern and alpine environments during the past two million years. The evolution of Canada's cultural landscapes, the processes of settlement of rural areas, and the present interaction of Canadian industrial society with its biophysical environment are all deeply influenced, directly or indirectly, by the frigidity of the greater part of the country. The phenomenon of global warming, if it occurs, will lessen this coldness, but its impact on temperature extremes, sea ice regimes, vegetation, snow distribution, permafrost, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and mountain hazards are all the subject of intensive research -- the highlights of which are reviewed in Canada's Cold Environments.

Eleven of Canada's leading geographers, geologists, and ecologists provide an authoritative yet readable scientific statement about the physical nature of Canada's coldness. They focus on the distinctive attributes of Canada's cold environments, their temporal and spatial variability, and the constraints that coldness places on human activity. The book is aimed at environmental scientists at all levels who need informed overviews of the substantive findings on a range of cold-related topics.

Winter - An Ecological Handbook
Author: James C Halfpenny
Publish year: 1989
Pages: 273
Publisher: Johnson Books
Pub. Place: Boulder, Colorado
ISBN: 1555660363
LOC Cat #: 88081618
LC Call #: QB637.8 .H35 1989
DDC: 574.5/43

While this has some meteorology & weather, it's more cold ecology, but a good general introduction of how cold affects the wild around it (sometimes the people too).

Life in the Cold - An Introduction to Winter Ecology
Author: Marchand, Peter J.
Publish year: 1996
Pages: 320
Publisher: University Press of New England
Place: Hanover, NH
ISBN: 0874517850
Edition: 3rd edition

Similar to the above; has gone through several editions, some more recent than this. I recall some annoying errprs & editing mistakes on this or the above but can't remember which! (how's that for collateral slander!) The author of this one has some other titles that I like a lot (e.g., 'North Woods - An Inside Look at the Nature of Forests in the Northeast').

Falling for snow-a naturalist's journey into the world of winter
Author: Bastedo, Jamie
Place: Calgary, Alberta
Publisher: Red Deer Press
year: 2003
Pages: 255
LC Call #: QH541.5.S57B37 2003
DDC: 577.5/86 22
ISBN: 0889952655

A good Canadian pop-sci writer ('Shield Country'). Book's not so much meteorology buy winter phenomena (some wx.).

Winter world-the ingenuity of animal survival
Author: Heinrich, Bernd (Author & Illustrator)
Place: New York, NY
Publisher: Ecco
year: 2003
Pages: 347
LC Call #: QL753.H45 2003
DDC: 591.4/3 22
ISBN: 0-06-019744-7
LOC Cat #: 2003271304

Again veering a little from wx to ecology (I'm an ecologist!) but this famous author is so worth reading I'll include it here. Plus always impressed by good scientists who are good illustrators (& writers)! Kinda like those who can play harmonica & guitar at the same time.

The surface climates of Canada
Author: Bailey, William G. (Editor); Oke, Timothy R. (Editor); Rouse, Wayne R. (Editor)
year: 1997
Pages: 369
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal & Kingston
Place: Montreal QC & Kingston ON
ISBN: 0773509283
LOC Cat #: 99203403
LC Call #: QC985 .S85 1997
DDC: 551.6971

Academic text with chapters on various topics by specialists. Meso & microclimate, settlement climates, recreation climate, agroclimate, etc.

The Nature Company Guides: Weather
Author: Burroughs, William J.; Crowder, Bob; Vallie, Eleanor; Robertson, Ted
year: 1996
Pages: 288
Publisher: Time Life Books
Place: Sydney, NSW, Australia
ISBN: 0864500653
DDC: 551.5

I found this cheap at the junkshop - initially didn't buy it as assumed it's be too 'gee whiz, we'll explain science to you fools with idiotic meaningless analogies' so common these days but the second time I took a look & decided it was worth 50c, then at home decided it wasn't too bad. I don't know what 'The Nature Company' is, but it sounds like some 1990s mall store full of cheap crap or a dumb TV show--I admit that's part of the annoyance that made me pan it. Worth $5, but get Schaefer & Day's 'A field guide to the atmosphere'(above) before this.

Secrets of the snow - visual clues to avalanche and ski conditions
Author: Lachapelle, Edward R. (Editor)
year: 2001
Pages: 102
Organization: International Glaciological Society
Publisher: University of Washington Press
Place: Seattle, Washington
ISBN: 0295981512
LOC Cat #: 2001035592
LC Call #: TA714.L34 2001
DDC: 551.57/84/0247969 21

I lived in Alaska for many years so bought this in general study of snow. I think I had some contact with Author, who was a curmudgeonly but knowledgeable guy living in the Wrangell Mts...

Understanding weather and climate
Author: Aguado, Edward; Burt, James E.
year: 2004
Pages: 562
Publisher: Pearson-Prentice Hall
Place: Upper Saddle River, N.J.
ISBN: 0131015826
LOC Cat #: 2003052830
LC Call #: QC861.2.A27 2004
DDC: 551.5 21

Haven't seen this in a while (in box until my library rooms are finished), but was used in a class I taught in grad school (book was selected by department not me). Seemed OK.

Climates of northern and western Europe
Author: Wallen, C. C.
year: 1970
Pages: 253
Publisher: Elsevier Publishing Company, Amsterdam
Place: Amsterdam, NL
ISBN: 0444407057
LOC Cat #: 68012479
LC Call #: QC980.15 .W67 vol. 5
DDC: 551.6/9/4

Similar to 'Climates of the Soviet Union' (above) but wealthier & less totalitarian areas!

Alaska cloud and weather field guide
Author: Green, Jim (Author)
year: 2000
Pages: Fold-out - laminated cardboard brochure
Publisher: Williwaw, Anchorage
Place: Anchorage, Alaska
ISBN: 1-892337-26-6

This is great! It's just a folded laminated card, but has great photos of clouds, precipitation types, inversions, etc. encountered in Alaska - coastal, interior, arctic, etc.
Same publisher/guy [] publishes annual Alaska Weather Calendar, each almost like a small book in itself with some annual 'feature' on a more in-depth topic. Exciting events noted for many days of year. Almost forgot to mention great photos! Buy previous year calendars cheap to use when calendar days match!

Alaska's weather: Alaska Geographic vol. 18 ? 4
Author: Rennick, Penny (Editor)
year: 1991
Pages: 96
Publisher: Alaska Geographic Society
Place: Alaska
ISBN: 0-88240-196-3
LOC Cat #: 75-7912
LC Call #: F901.A266
DDC: 917.98'04'505

Not complete, but has articles on various Alaska wx phenomena, hassles, events, etc. In general the whole 'Alaska Geographic' series was great, similar format & depth (but unrelated) to 'Northwest Geographer', 'Idaho Geographic', etc. The publisher, Alaska Northwest Pub. Co., was great and had all sorts of popular & 'semi-academic' books, periodicals, etc. on Alaska history, exploration, culture, nature, etc. "Alaska Geographic" long dead, the name has since been sold to a tourist information company so unrelated.


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