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Loading problems
« on: October 21, 2010, 01:26:30 PM »
Any idea what is going on here:

It was working fine, and suddenly now it just gives me this same "a script is causing Flash Player to run slowly" error on different computers with different browsers.  I tried replacing all weatherflash files on the server with the files I had saved locally -- no difference.  Looked at the scripts and didn't see anything "fishy", but I'm not terribly fluent in scriptese.  Tried switching from php to asp and back again -- no change.

I have had a continuing problem with "unlocking" the flash movie for layout changes.  I couldn't get a password to work and discovered that I could unlock it without a name and password.  Is it possible someone got into the layout mode and mucked it up.

Please help!  Thank you!  (Using VWS v14.00p39)