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Hello all. can someone tell me if and if so where/which lightning detectors there are nowadays for weather display. so that one weather station can also detect thunderstorms..
mere detection of thunder and the number of discharges per hour is sufficient for me.
so distance and which direction is not necessary for me

hopefully someone can help me with this.
links to websjops (preferably Dutch) and or examples or self-construction descriptions are very welcome

weatherflow or ecowitt
off the shelf solutions weather stations
otherwise 1 wire lightning counter

I think a 1-wire is the solution for me.
I once had one but can't find it anywhere.
I still have the 1-wire USB stick, so I only have to arrange the detector itself.
I did some searching myself and found a self-build description.
however I'm not sure if this bit is fairly easy to make and how well it works.
So if anyone has experience with this detector I'd love to hear it.

its a counter (detects the electromagnetic pulse)
which is what the other detectors do
but it does not detect the strength of that pulse
and so there is no estimate of the distance (which the others do (which is based on a lot of assumptions, and so its just an educated guess))

If you want to go using I2C/SPI approach, check the AS3935 sensor.


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