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Hi all,

since I upgraded my weatherlink live account to pro + tier, download every minute, my wd has gone mad.

I'm using it for several years as a backup of my data I never really got it set up right.

Settings go unchecked, randomly, my rain is never correct.

Since the upgrade I got future data now untill the 21th of April.

I'm reaching out to somebody that can configure my WD as it should,

got davis vantage pro 2, meteobridge

got cumulus mx and meteotemplate and pwsweather all working fine, except WD, it's a real dragg



do you mean you have WD set to get data from your meteobridge?
and is that you have meteobridge set to send data every minute now to weatherlink...and its since that change that problems have started?


No, sorry for the misunderstanding.

I have Weatherlink live, sending data to weatherlink stored since recently every minute, used to be 5 minutes, but I upgraded.

In WD, I chose it to get data from weatherlink, worked 'fine' although rain totals were never correct, .....
Now it still downloads data from weatherlink, but keeps on going downloading data, untill the 21st now.

Even if I select to download from meteobridge (which collects data also from the weatherlink live), WD does the same...


you can set to use the console rain totals for the rain in WD
(i.e instead of WD trying to keep its own rain totals)
are you using the latest update of WD?

re the history data, make sure the time and date are accurate on the pc running WD

yes I'm using the latest version, and registered.

the time and date are accurate.



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