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WD not reporting the correct windspeed and too slow inc dir

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Hi Brian, ive just noticed that WD is not reporting the windspeed correctly from WLL
Its too slow to update the speed and not correctly reporting when it does, Direction is slow too
Please see the video, excuse the shakiness. as you will see, compared to the console, WD is way off..

At 1st WD was under reporting the speeds as seen in the graph on the video, it should have been up in the 30's for the last hour, i did had offsets set at 20% increase due to location and a further 20% increase from about 20 to about 70 due to large tree, once i removed those, the speed did shoot up but then it went really slow in reporting the speeds.

EDIT: looks like its updating at :57 and :27 past the minute, every 30 seconds, not live.

so you had offsets set you say?
i think from another post you might be using a Davis WLL?
its always a good idea to provide info like that
(even better to post eg screen shot of the weather station type setup)

Hi, I did say WLL near the beginning (1st sentence)
 Here's the shot of the station set screen, granted its cut off the bottom, but thats all empty anyway but I can grab that too if needed
I did have some offsets set but i have removed them for the time being whilst troubleshooting

Bottom half just in case

I do have a Davis WLL here myself and WD works perfectly with it
so it should be working OK for you

are you sure the IP address is set correctly?
have you tried the auto detect?
is the WLL device on the same WIFI network as your pc is on? (so that the separate running crondaviswll.exe program can pick up real time UDP data
i.e what shows in the separate running crondaviswll program?  ..the more detailed info you can provide the better (as I am not a very good mind reader you see))


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