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Understanding gustspeed in log file


I am trying to understand the relationship between gust speed as displayed on the screen and what is logged to the log file.

Right now, the screen is showing a maximum gust of 18.5 km/h at 08:06 today.  The log file, however, shows a maximum gustspeed of 9.6 (km/h, I presume) at 08:08.

Clearly they are showing different information, but what, exactly?

Comparing the screen display to the log file at different times, it is clear that the wind and gust speeds logged in the file are totally different data sets from what is displayed on the screen.

Does anyone understand why?  The wind speeds displayed on the screen (Current Conditions, Extreme Conditions, and graph) appear closer to reality than what is in the log files.  How can I access the data set that is displayed, from another program?

OK I found the answer.  Apparently, the wind speeds in the log file are in knots, not km/h.   :shock:  Making the appropriate conversions, the maximum gust speed in the log matches the screen, and the time in the log file is only two minutes different,, which I can live with.


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