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WD is incorrectly counting the rain

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Hi Brian, WD is counting the rain wrong, console and WLL match up ok

example, WD said 10.7mm whereas the console and WLL both said 8.4mm

I cannot find anything in WD that would account for this, I've not had a modified rain gauge
since I got the Davis, therefore there is no offset and modified rain is set to 1.0, that's always
been like that.

I don't see anything in the debug regarding rain either.
I few minutes ago I synced wd to the console at 20.2mm, console and WLL are now at 20.6 and
WD is now at 20.7mm

Any ideas please, I don't remember any issues when the Envoy was in play...

My guess is that the issue arises from rounding of unit conversion.

Does your Davis station use a metric or imperial rain gauge?

Hi, it's using metric, mm

 make sure you have the correct rain gauge collector (tip) set up correctly on the WLL I would suggest

you can though also set in WD to use the console rain total instead

Hi Brian, I'd set it to 0.2mm in station setup in wd, it used to be set to that, but when I go back in there at a later time, the box is unticked. Its setup in WLL as mm.

I have now set it to use console and that worked straight away, thank you.


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