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Anyone found a way to run the "Davis 'Live' Console script" on VWS?


I like the Davis 'Live' Console script that is on the Silver Acorn site for Weather Display and Cumulus. Anyone figured if the scripts can be edited or what source files might be needed to be created to run it from an VWS based system?

I'm slowly pushing my site over to a Saratoga based scripted one from the old VWS template, and while most of it is working on my testing server I have had some issues so its a slow roll out.

In researching my scripting issues I stumbled across the Davis live console package and now I am smitten with wanting to add it to my revised site. In case you haven't seen it, take a look. :shock:

I thought maybe I could just abandon VWS and set up WD, but then I thought I might be able to run both and only use WD to feed the Davis Console? I'm kind of attached to VWS and WU at the moment

Yeah I have issues. Thanks  ](*,)

Well a large chunk of time has passed and I thought I would post a resolution of sorts in case anyone of the thousand or more people who have read this thread and wondered what happened or causing anyone a sleepless night thinking it through...

Bottom line is yes you can get VWS to drive the scripts. That being said it is a ton of work and involves many processes that all have to happen with hair trigger timing and with the viability of VWS being what it is, it is more trouble than worth time.

I want to thank BCJKiwi for his assistance, and apologize for quickly expending his patience - I as a non-programmer had many more questions than I had answers for his questions, albeit he warned me he was "difficult" at the get go, but without his guidance I wouldn't have gotten it to work.

In the end I was creating the same style data file as the native WD file for graphs, and davcon24 file for the rest by extracting the data from the VWS database, and using a template HTX file I created to pull known VWS system variables, then opening the created result file and inserting calculated missing data using a history script and powershell. It was dodgy at best on the timing so I never moved it to my production server but I did smile the few times I loaded it and saw it actually working right.

In the meantime over the past year or so I have been running a test box for moving my site away from VWS and right now is using both CumulusMX and Weather Display in order to evaluate each.

The end goal is to move my station to a Windows 10 instance and having it be stable. On a virtual Windows 7 box right now and have to reboot it on schedule every four hours to prevent the database in VWS from stalling. Had many more VWS issues on an early Windows 10 build so reverted back to 7. I think the size of my database is the main performance issue I have.

So that's the end of my quest to get the Davis "Live Console" script running for the late great VWS software package with Saratoga. 



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