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I believe there is a certain way to calculate the latitude and longitude settings for Image Salsa. I had to reinstall the program, and can't remember how, and I know I read it on the Ambient forum some time ago. Would anyone know the calculation?


The latitude and longitude just needs to be entered into Image Salsa.  File->Preferences.  I'm not sure what you mean by calculating the settings.

Hi Jay: I am sure there was a more involved way to calculate the latitude and longitude coordinates for Image Salsa, I know because I used this calculation before. Maybe I'm imagining it...?

Just enter them in Ann-Marie and you will be good to go. In all the years I've been running IS, I never remember hearing about anything special that needs to be done.


I've never bothered to put the settings into ImageSalsa, only MovieSalsa.  But I don't use any sunrise/sunset tags in ImageSalsa either.

The formats do appear to be the same for ImageSalsa and MovieSalsa... whole number degrees in the first field; minutes and seconds in the second.  In the second field, the portion to the left of the decimal is the minutes; the portion to the right of the decimal is the number of seconds divided by 60.

My coordinates:
Latitude    37 21' 13.3"
Longitude -79 58' 41.6"

What I put into MovieSalsa:
Latitude   N  37 21.2217'
Longitude W 79 58.6933'


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