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Hello all,

I have had a Weatherflash website since 2007 or so.  It stopped working around 2010 or so and I had no ambition to get it going.  I recently got a new job (finally) and have motivation to get this working again.  My website is  Can someone take a look and let me know if it is working for them or have any suggestions on what to do to get it going again.  I run the latest flash version here at work (11.7.700.224) but it starts to load then just goes away.  A message comes saying that a script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player to run slowly.  Please help....

Thank you!


Weather Display:
maybe try re uploading the .swf file again
also try googling that error, as I think its been reported before (and what the fix is (which might be to upload a swfobject.js file or similar))

Thanks Weather Display!  Is my website ( working for you???

Garth Bock:
It freezes on Accessing Data for me.... :sad:

Suggest you upload the required files again as there have been some changes since 2007.


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