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First thing in the morning....

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Garth Bock:
Get your morning coffee and predict the weather...

I'll have to start watching for that. Curious now. :-)

I think it works backwards on the other side of the world.  err....Or is that counterclockwise below the equator?  I get it all mixed up.   :oops:

Can the coffee drinkers reading this thread commit to validating this theory over the next week?  This IS a weather-enthusiast forum afterall.

I pledge to monitor my morning coffee bubbles and report the day's weather until March 1.  Anyone else?

After reading about it this morning (here), I went for my second cup. Bubbles formed in the center while i was pouring and then remained in a group and slowly moved to one side. Barometer has been on the rise since then, 5 hours ago with mostly clear sky. :-P :roll:


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