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Is there still a beta?


I wanted to take part in the beta testing so I downloaded the file but it is telling me that it will exp on 11/9/11 so I would think that some how I got the 30 trial ver.

Is there a beta test still going on? and if so how do I get to help out, New here station only up for about a week now, and it is a davis vue using there software but looking for better, Friend recamended VWS but at over 100.00 not sure if it is the right one for me thats why the beta question a 30 day trial is not what I want to try I would like to get to the meat of the thing that way I can really see if it is for me.


The 30 day trial IS a full functioned trial, so you are getting the full meat, plus potatoes.  :lol:



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