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An update on the WeatherFlash problem with the latest flash player


Finally, what looks like some good news from Adobe!

You can see the bug report for the problem at You'll see the many, many post from companies and developers that have this problem with the latest flash player. Fortunately, its not just us that have been shouting at Adobe!

They are now at their highest priority and have been able to reproduce the problem themselves so they hope to have another new version of the flash player available in the next 48 hours that we hope will fix this problem.

If you can't wait that long then you can download the beta of the version 11 player using this link This appears to work fine so we can all breathe again!

Updated Flash version was released last night ( and it works. Problem corrected. Now you just have to get all your users to upgrade to the fixed release. =D>

Indeed it does!  :lol:

One note though, on the release page from Adobe it says

"Please note that users will not be automatically prompted to download and install this build if they are already at  Users below will be prompted at their normal auto update interval. "

Update available from


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