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I did notice the same as you when it was first put online, checked the lat/long time zone several times (which were correct) but it corrected itself after a couple of days.

Thanks JOD! I'll keep an eye on it.


--- Quote from: JOD on June 26, 2011, 10:40:44 PM ---
--- Quote ---And I have never heard it said (if the arrow pointed the way you want it) that The wind is Blowing to the South.
--- End quote ---
I have no idea what that means..

I'll explain myself a little better and compare two software programs.

Wunderground has a dial with an edge mounted indicator, the indicator points to the center away from the compass position (E)indicating the direction the wind is blowing from.

Ambient Weather's wind direction indicator points TO the compass point which would give the impresion the wind is blowing TO the East.

--- End quote ---

Ok both of those images look good to me the one on the left is like looking at a weather vain and the one on the right looks like looking at a windsock.

So in the Program Cumulus the wind rose look like this.  :roll:


--- Quote from: JOD on June 25, 2011, 08:25:47 PM ---This is my first week online with this software and the first thing I noticed that I dont like is the wind direction arrow. Seems to me that the pointer should point from the edge to the center and not the center to the edge, It's 180 degrees out of phase and a little confusing.

The second thing I noticed is the rain rate is not accurate and today I had a negative reading when it started raining.

Are there any adjustments I can make to the software?
The weather station it self appears to display accurate info.



--- End quote ---
The wind direction gauge is similar to an image of a mechanical wind direction meter as used on the AN/GMQ-20 ID-373 wind direction indicator.  The needle is mounted on a synchro shaft in the middle of the gauge and hense the needle points toward the edge of the gauge faceplate.
The needle simulates a mechanical pointer, not a vector line pointing in direction and magnitude.
If you're talking about negative inches displayed in the rain graph; select the display attributes, and uncheck the autoscale plot block.  If autoscale is checked and the rain rate is zero, the center line is displayed at half of the vertical axis which will allow a possible rain rate graphed in negative values.
The software is based on National's Labview and the images are can't be modified.  I have tried all wx station software and settled on VWS in 2004.  I like the images, the reliabiltiy and the simplicity.


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