Author Topic: using VWS and WD together via a virtual com port adapter to a single non-Davis  (Read 2510 times)

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Hi -  I have an old Texas Weather WR-25 connected via real RS-232 com to win 7 machine running VWS. I would like to "share" the com data stream from the WR-25 between VWS and WD as I learn WD. I have seen a number of software virtual serial port drivers for Windows and wondered if you can use these to essentially split the datastream from the WR-25 into two feeds on virtual ports - one for VWS and one for WD.

My concern is what happens if one or the other program SENDS commands to the WR-25 as opposed to simply receiving the output from the WR-25. I realize this is very "out - there" but I love my old WR-25 and I like the graphics from vws and its output via VWSql to my MySQL database which contains nearly 15 years of data now.

Any help is appreciated - Please note that none of the virtualVP type solutions will apply (or WLL) as I do not own any Davis equipment at all. Thanks so much -- Steve