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Hello all!

I've built a solution that periodically grabs data directly from the Davis WeatherLink API and forwards it on to Wunderground,, PWSWeather, OpenWeatherMap, WindGuru, and/or NOAA CWOP. It's built on the free Google Apps Script infrastructure and is available on Github:

I've been developing and using it for a few years now and it's pretty battle-tested. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts!

I had used this code  for an experiment a couple years ago, modified to pull from TTN and push to Wunderground. Back then (v1.1.4) it only pulled from WU and forwarded to PWSWeather, Weathercloud, and OpenWeatherMap. It is great to see the functionality work in either direction with more providers in this latest version. Great work on this script!  [tup]

Hey thanks! Glad to hear it. What do you use now?


--- Quote from: xd1936 on May 23, 2023, 08:50:24 AM ---Hey thanks! Glad to hear it. What do you use now?

--- End quote ---

It was just an experiment that ran for about 6 or so months. Used a Dragino LHT65 hooked up to a tipping bucket rain gauge, uploading to The Things Network. Your script with my crude modifications took the data from TTN and then sent it to WUnderground, it worked flawlessly for the entire time. So there is a testament to the reliability of even a much earlier version. Well Done!


Hi xd1936, Thanks for the script, I tried it with a Weatherflow Tempest device, it works but there is some issue when it comes to reporting pressure. Firstly it is reporting station pressure (which is okay), but the problem is the data does not update. I tried versions 2.3.0, and now 2.3.1, all gives same results. May be you can look into it. Thanks


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