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Defective Atlas Units - No connectivity/bad connections


Had an enlightened customer support session with Acurite today, 05/12/2023, regarding a new Atlas system purchased direct from Acurite in December 2022.

There is a known problem with some Atlas sensor arrays ability to maintain connection with the Display. This problem is at least partially related to a problem with the interaction of installed back-up batteries used in conjunction with the power adapter for this unit. However, this problem may have other causes as well and requires a factory replacement.

Acurite has replacement units on order to replace defective units and they will be available in July. Why they have not issued a general recall based on serial number/purchase date is anybody's guess. I assume that not everyone is affected, so they are probably handling the replacement on a case by case basis.

The symptom appears as great connectivity followed no connectivity after about 5 days and the only way to restore connectivity is to factory reset everything, or power cycle and remove batteries/power adapter from the sensor array. This results in a temporary fix only....Hope this info is helpful to othersQ

I have the same problem. I requested an replacement via Email on April 13th, and they told me the exact same thing as what they said to you.

--- Quote ---Thank you for performing the troubleshooting steps. At this time, we would like to hold off on a replacement until we receive remediated stock in Early July. Once we have those in stock, we would be happy to send a replacement sensor to correct this issue.
--- End quote ---


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