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Time to have a bitch re the attitudes like that of Microsoft and other companies (Davis included) are not far behind them in this "we are going to tell you what is best for you if you like it or not". What right does MS have in editing PC configurations (especially Regedit) in order to piss people off? If I want to use a specific application then I will, and no amount of MS editing values will stop that, simply leave the dam configurations alone, it has absolutely nothing to do with what MS thinks, the approach is starting to stink.

Davis is only a fresh starter in this league but forcing updates onto people's system when Davis likes is something that should not be accepted. Yeah I know, simply don't buy the sh$t and that's what will happen. Similar with MS updates, there is no longer an option to select specific updates, it's all or all really. If I want to use a specific MS version for a specific reason then that's what I want to do, I don't need MS trying to manipulate stuff for their own self indulgent purpose, leave my stuff alone it has absolutely to do with anybody. No wonder systems are so insecure requiring Mb's and Mb's of continual updates every month           

Stop using Microsoft and Davis product. It's that simple. Yes, you will come up with a long list of excuses why and how you cant but you actually can. Did it x0 years ago.
Microsoft and Apple (in some way even worst) are both literally banned from my businesses and homes.
Take that long list of excuses of yours (if you have one) and use it for figuring out how you can drop those control freaks for good. Grow a spine, in other words.
And when you are done with the OS purge, make sure you drop Facebook, Google, Twitter and all the other "services" designed to keep you disconnected from the reality.


--- Quote from: BaseLine on April 25, 2023, 03:21:23 AM ---make sure you drop Facebook, Google, Twitter and all the other "services" designed to keep you disconnected from the reality.

--- End quote ---
I'm proud to say I've never been on social media, nor will I ever. Good for me.  =D>

Being a anti-social recluse in my old age I don't tweet, I don't twitter, I don't fakebook and I don't pass gas in public.

Just luv the assumption re the social crap, never being "connected" then obviously don't understand the attraction  [tup]

Then there is this era of subscriptions, another con job, and not forgetting "the cloud", my security system for years was totally local, then they said oh no you can't do that anymore, you will send/upload the alerts, images etc to "us" and we will then send hem back to you, like what a load of of absolute BS


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