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There is a -d option that automatically downloads data from the station at startup, look under Help.Index Command-Line options

According to Help > Command Line Options using -d by itself will start WeatherLink, download the console data and the program will terminate. Using the -o option with  -p will keep WeatherLink running, supposedly. Unfortunately it still terminates after the download finishes  :-(  Oh well.

Thanks for all the pointers though!

So what terminates after the download, Weatherlink (itself) or the Upload?

Not that I run either the serial or USB logger uploading to but is it a condition that the Bulletin has to be open/running for this upload to occur? Is there a reference for this requirement as I have not seen anything in this regard?

Starting WeatherLink, it displays an empty screen until Bulletin is clicked and the station is opened and data downloaded. When download is complete the station dashboard is displayed. From there the console data is collected from the console and WeatherLink uploads the data to at intervals.

Using "C:\WeatherLink\WeatherLink 6.0.5.exe" -o -d , WeatherLink opens the station, downloads the data and immediately closes when complete. It's supposed to stay running. I've reversed and tried -d -o with no difference nor does adding the station name (but since I only have one station is is opened by default).

I wish this program was still supported.... But I guess all this is why God had them create the ethernet adapter. Sigh.

Try Google search for WeatherLink 605, look near bottom of page for the old version manuals. You can also use the task manger to start programs when Windows starts.


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