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Garth Bock:
I remember a post here long back about a way to have WeatherLink go straight to bulletin after starting and downloading. I searched but couldn't find it. Anyone remember that ?

It's probably along the same lines as this thread with the same command line options appended.

We've had our VPro2 for a long time. We've uploaded data for a long time. I have had the station redone by Davis and added options to make it a Plus with the calibrations. But in these days and times, purchases, upgrades and discretionary expenditures are highly scrutinized in our household. We have all we need with the station for our purposes. And our neighbors rely on our station to the degree they can get an internet signal. Which is another fun topic: we are on the side of a canyon. A microclimate if you will. Our data is rejected/minimized as the 5-10 mile away stations on a high prairie show completely different wind and temps. We always get one or two thumbs down for quality. But is our weather. I just want the uploads without hiccups. So we'll budget for the ethernet plug in to the console. It may be a while.

One approach could be to create a simple script that starts WeatherLink and then simulates the necessary clicks to open the Bulletin. This script could then be added to your startup items. Depending on your operating system, there are different scripting tools available, such as PowerShell for Windows or AppleScript for macOS.
For more detailed and customized solutions, especially if you're looking into automation and scripting, it might be useful to explore professional services that specialize in customizing software processes. A service like could offer the expertise needed to create a seamless and automated startup process for your WeatherLink.

Take a look at this program. The author abandoned it a long time ago. I bought it years ago and I still use it. Take a look at the attachment.

thanks for StartWatch link. Been looking for something like that [tup]


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