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Logger reconnecting issues after power/Internet outage


The past two months have seen two service outages where our cameras will reconnect to the router upon restoration of services, but not the Logger. The first instance took a simple reboot of the router and the data started to stream again. Another outage happened Saturday and we have seen no data since. The cameras are operational. Unfortunately, the cabin is 2 hours away, so resetting the router is not an option at the moment and trying to send a signal does not work because the router is not a Xfinity-branded modem.

Is there a setting on the Logger I can check that would prevent such a situation from happening again?

The only feature I can think of that might allow a reconnection is the Auto Reboot feature under Setup-System which will automatically reboot the Logger every day at the time selected in the auto reboot drop down menu.
 You might also check your router manual to see if it has an auto reboot setting you can select in itís control panel.

That is a great idea! I will set that up next week when we head up there. Thanks for the suggestion.


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