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Software to Support Second Anemometer

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--- Quote from: waiukuweather on June 02, 2022, 03:46:02 PM ---not sure why Johnd has missed that weather display supports a second windspeed via the Davis WLL..he is replying to that information but somehow just ignores that in his posts and then instead goes on to put his support in behind having cumulus add that support instead
what is going on here?

--- End quote ---

OK, sorry about that. Simple ignorance rather than anything else! It is a genuine problem keeping up to date with multiple programs with tweaks and new features being added all the time. I've just never seen it mentioned hereabouts at all. But good work. When was it introduced?

I can see two options:
1. use weewx, run two instances and display both anemometers (applies in principle to all sensors) in one web page (skin) reading from the two databases
2. use Meteobridge (e.g. on RPi) [imho worth the small license fee]; it allows
a) for running up to five stations in parallel - and you can combine your output from several stations and can create output for web pages or create combined charts inside Meteobridge
b) if the sensors (here two anemometers) are supported from one station, it may show them both - to be verified


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