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Heads-up: PurpleAir JSON query now requires an API key... grrrrr.

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It appears they shut off the old queries like and now redirect to a server that won't respond to the query. says
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After a few years of grace period, we are now redirecting these two URLs ( and ) to a server that will not respond.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need any help getting going on our new API, at .
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Sigh.. I've sent an email to request a READ key, and will rework my scripts to use it instead.  Meanwhile, the realtime query script(s) are very broken.. no data available.

For weather software developers that support realtime queries, they'll have to obtain keys and rewrite that portion of their software.

WD already has option to use purple air api luckily

Where do you request the API key?  I'm not seeing it readily.

Looks like just their regular "Contact us" page is to be used.


--- Quote from: waiukuweather on May 27, 2022, 02:52:19 PM ---WD already has option to use purple air api luckily

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It's does but after entering my API key my graph is still flat lined. I think the graph is linked to the old method and not the new one.


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