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Can you embed Tweets?


Is there a way to embed tweets into our post? Iíve been trying but have not figured out a way to do so.

Testing Zone:

If not, would you consider adding the capability to do so?

Tweet Embed (Auto-Embed) v1.1.1

I think the safest way to include a tweet in a posting is for you to take a screen snapshot and upload the image of the tweet.
It's safest because no externally-sourced (not on JavaScripts will run while people view the posting.

I've tried hard these many years to ensure that simple viewing of the forum would not be a potential avenue for malware to creep in unannounced to browsers of the forum.  It's why we don't run Ad services or external webpage view counts, etc., both of which have become conduits for malware to creep in.

So.. while the Tweet Embed you cited looks doable, I'm loathe to install it based on the discussion above.. sorry.

I thought that was the reason it already wasn't implemented.
Ok, thanks for looking into it!

And we thank you for it Ken.


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