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ALERT: Changes Begin


NWROrg Team:
As noted in previous messages, website notifications, and audio track alerts, station listing upgrades have begun.
Effective immediately, NO new streams will be accepted that are NOT from the secure server.
SOME 'third party' or 'self-hosted' SSL servers MAY be accepted as 'alternates' if the provider has a  primary stream to continues to be YOUR community project, but it needs your continuing support.

The Following Streams have been removed as of 8 am 12/02/2021, having failed >100 consecutive hourly availability tests.

If your stream is '', simply submit with the information, and note that you have reactivated the feed.

If your stream is 'other', you must first configure your encoder to per the instructions at and following those specific protocols.

Use to help determine how your mountpoint should be named.

The few remaining NON-SSL streams will be removed today.  Third party streams are subject to removal at any time, if there is NO primary stream, and not all third party servers will be considered for alternates.  Self-hosted SSL encoders should also provide a stream to as soon as possible.

All streams must follow the naming protocol at

For questions or inquiries, please use

NWROrg Team:
NON streams continues to be YOUR community project, but it needs your continuing support.
As mentioned, effective immediately NEW or UPDATED streams will only be accepted from the primary server.
The below streams are pointed at servers OTHER than
Most are using the obsolete non-https wxradio.dyndns server and their SSL stream version is obtained through third party re-streamers.
In some cases there may be usage infringements. MOST third party sources are vulnerable to removal without notice, especially commercial sites.
Note that some specific third party hosts may remain as a secondary, or alternate, if a primary is pointed to
Note that the original wxradio.dyndns server is now considered 'third party'.
#before call letters  indicates currently de-listed

This does not affect most 'self-hosted' ssl streams, though you should also encode to as the primary.
There may be listing errors in the above, apologies if so. :-(

Please check, and if your stream encoder is NOT pointed to please modify that ASAP following the protocols here

Submit updates / changes ASAP using
Check for correct mountpoint at

If your weather website has changed to HTTPS, please include in comments on the change form, so we can update those... most remain http in listing.


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