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BBCode [img] not working?


I'm trying to embed images in a post using the "img" tag like this:


But when I preview the post the image doesn't load. 

Does the image have to be secure (https vs http)?  Is that something new?  I've done this before so not sure what the issue is.

Below is the actual link to the image:

Generally, we encourage use of https for image links as many who browse the forum are using https.  Some browsers are fairly militant about enforcing no-mixed-content (http:https) on https pages.

However, your image using the [img] tags seems to be working for me using https to and Firefox brower.

Thanks for the reply.  You hit the nail on the head.

It is a browser issue.  Chrome doesn't display http content on https pages.  Works ok on some other browsers I tried.

I'll look into switching my webspace to https.


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