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SainLogic WS-0310 Issue with spikes in the data


Jim B:
I am experiencing spikes in the data on the hour when reviewed on weather underground. In addition, I see a wide swing in data for all parameters, temperature, Humidity, Pressure etc. in the morning 6 AM time frame.
I contacted WU and they said they could not be the source of the issue.
Station Link address attached:
If anyone can identify the cause of this problem it is much appreciated.

I found your post looking for answers to the same phenomenon for the Sainlogic WS 3010 model

I have exactly the same spikes at the same interval, precisely 4 minutes after every hour.

This is looking alot like WU or the clock sync at a server.

Need to start looking at SainLogic uses WS0310 users on other display platforms - if they have it then it is a manufacturer issue otherwise it's WU.

Jim B:
Thank you for your response
I am happy to see someone else has seen this issue with the data but unhappy with the issue.
The unit is still up and no change in the data spikes.
I'll keep an eye out for WS-0301 users on other platforms per your suggestion


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